Essential Question: If you had the opportunity to build a school district from the ground up, where would you start?

Administrative Group
Teacher Group
Technology Group

How We Did It


  • Impetus for small school districts in Utah
  • Impetus for change within the Jordan School District
  • Five-city Coalition
    • Feasibility Study
    • Referendum and Court Challenge
  • Asset Transition Teams
  • School Board Elected
  • Superintendent Selected
  • Opening Day
  • Litigation Resolved

  • Staffing
  • Organization
  • Processes
  • Access to Facilities and Data
  • Aging Infrastructure
  • Combining Cultures
  • Challenges of Driving Innovation

  • Technology: Integral to Realizing Student Achievement Goals
    • College and Career Ready
  • Technology: Integral to Community Engagement
  • Increased Technology Support
    • On-site Break-fix and Centralized Help Desk
    • On-site Educational Technology Support
  • Full-scale Deployment and Development Teams
  • 68 Distinct Technology Professional Development Offerings
    • All Offerings Stress Student Engagement and Effective Teaching Practices
    • Computer Basics
    • Web 2.0
    • Technology Tools
    • Assessment Strategies
  • Current Projects in IT
  • Upcoming Milestones
    • District-wide Wireless Access, Scaled for 1-to-1
    • Major Building Improvements, Including a New High School
    • 1-to-1 Technology Access
    • 100% Computer-based Testing
    • Grade Reconfiguration (K-5, 6-8, 9-12)
    • College and Career Ready Diplomas (College Action Plan)

Additional Questions

  • Can meaningful public school change be accomplished from within (or is an external impetus required)?
  • What is the most effective driver of systemic change?
  • If you were put in charge of building the first $200 million operating budget, what would be your initial priorities?
  • How would you address a substantial number of allocated infrastructure problems?
  • What changes are taking place in your school?
  • What strategies have you implemented to enable change?